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Sometimes what appears to be a minor case of tooth decay can quickly escalate into a significant oral health problem. As the cavity deepens it can penetrate beyond a tooth’s enamel layer to affect the dentin, pulp and root of the tooth. In time the bacterial component could even gain a foothold in the underlying gums.

This could lead to a build-up of infected fluid, which is known as a dental abscess. As it develops you could experience increasing toothache pain as well as a sense of worsening pressure in the gums.

Sometimes a dentist like Dr. Gurusharan Singh might be able to carefully drain the fluid from the dental abscess. This usually requires him to perform a root canal. Aftercare might also call for the use of prescription antibiotics and pain medication.

A patient suffering from a severe dental abscess or a tooth that has been badly compromised might require a total extraction. This will help to gradually alleviate the pain while also helping to remove the infected tissues.

After the treatment Dr. Gurusharan Singh can help you understand your dental restoration option. This might call for installing a dental bridge or performing a dental implant restoration.

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