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As its name suggests, Invisalign® refers to a clear orthodontic appliance that discreetly improves the alignment of your teeth. Invisalign comes in a series of custom designed aligners that match your unique smile while repositioning your teeth. At Parkview Dental, we use medical-grade thermoplastic material to keep your Invisalign aligners discreet and customize your treatment and results.

With Invisalign, you do not need to experience any diet restrictions or follow a new oral hygiene routine. Simple remove your custom-made aligner at mealtimes and when cleaning your smile. When not in use, your aligner should be safely stored in the case provided by our dentist. Be sure to rinse out any plaque or food residue in the aligner before wearing it again.

You will replace your aligner about every two weeks to ensure your Invisalign treatment can continue to improve your teeth and keep your dental progress on track for your predetermined time frame.

Dr. Gurusharan Singh and our team use advanced 3D computer imaging technology to predict your customized treatment plan and results in the beginning. We welcome you to give us a call at 317-535-7522 today to schedule a consultation and learn more about the benefits of Invisalign in New Whiteland, Indiana.