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As your child grows, their oral structure can go through profound and rapid changes. Sometimes this can lead to a significant gap to develop between two or more of their permanent teeth. Without professional intervention a case of diastema can cause the affected teeth to alter their alignment leading to cosmetic and functional problems in the future.

If your child has a significant gap between two or more of their teeth you should consider setting up a consultation appointment with Dr. Gurusharan Singh. Once he has assessed the severity of the diastema our dentist will explain your options for minimizing further complications.

In many cases of diastema, installing a complete or abbreviated version of traditional braces can help hold the gapped teeth in place. The treatment plan might also require periodic adjustments to tighten the braces components and minimize the gap between the teeth, which can also help keep them from turning at an unhealthy angle.

Once their adult oral structure in the area has been established and any other alignment issues have been corrected, our dentist can remove the braces components. At that point your child may need to use a retainer for a while to help hold the teeth in place.

If you live in the New Whiteland, Indiana, area and your son or daughter has a significant gap between two or more of their teeth, you should call 317-535-7522 to set up a consultation appointment at Parkview Dental.