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A pain in your teeth is different than any other pain. It is very distracting, and affect everything that you do, including eating, sleeping and working. If you experience any pain in your mouth at any time, you should call your dentist and make an appointment to see him as soon as possible. But in the meantime, you may consider treating the problem with benzocaine. Benzocaine is an anesthetic that can be found in topical pain relievers that can be purchased over the counter. In many cases, benzocaine is very effective in relieving oral pain in adults. But it is not recommended for children under the age of two.

The reason for this is that the use of benzocaine has been linked to a very rare condition called methemoglobinemia. This condition reduces the amount of oxygen in the bloodstream. Its symptoms include pale skin, or even skin that has turned blue or grey, fatigue, trouble breathing, an increase in heart rate, or a headache. If you notice the symptoms in someone, particularly a child that has had benzocaine, you should take that person to the emergency room right away.

If your child is teething, you should try cooling a teething ring in the refrigerator for him to use, or press down on his gums with a chilled spoon, a clean finger or through a clean piece of gauze. Before giving your child any medication for teething or a toothache, you should contact your dentist first.

If a painful tooth is troubling you or someone in your family, or if it is just time for your regular cleaning and exam, our dentist, Dr. Gurusharan Singh has a chair for you.  To schedule an appointment at Parkview Dental in New Whiteland, Indiana, please call phone today. Let’s get you smiling again!