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The appearance of your smile can carry a significant weight in your overall sense of self-esteem and self-confidence. If you have multiple teeth affected by physical imperfections and cosmetic problems like dental stains, it can cause you to guard some of your facial expressions.

In a situation like this, you should consider scheduling a cosmetic dental consultation at Parkview Dental. During this appointment Dr. Gurusharan Singh and his staff can work to assess the specific imperfections with your teeth and the necessary treatment needed to give you the winning smile you deserve.

To effectively remedy a case of chronic dental staining, Dr. Gurusharan Singh can administer a dental whitening treatment. It can provide you with a professionally whitened smile without risking harm to your teeth or the soft tissues in your mouth. Afterward, he might recommend making some alternative food and beverage choices, or drinking dark beverages through a straw. You might also find it beneficial to brush your teeth with a whitening toothpaste that has earned American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance.

You might also be interested in dental veneers if your teeth are suffering from multiple cosmetic imperfections. Each one will be created in a dental lab to fit over the face of your teeth. Once the porcelain dental veneers have been cemented in place, they will provide you with a bright smile that is easy to maintain.

If you have a tooth with a previous dental filling or a newly developed cavity on one of your teeth, Dr. Gurusharan Singh might recommend a porcelain same-day crown restoration. This will completely replace the entire tooth enamel layer with durable, dental-grade porcelain.

For more information about your cosmetic dentistry needs, and if you are near or live in the New Whiteland, Indiana, area, you should call 317-535-7522 to schedule a consultation at Parkview Dental. Let us help give you a smile makeover that improves your life forever!